Building Caring and Livable Communities For All

–The Boulder County Human Services Strategic Plan–

Using an inclusive and broad collaborative process, our mission is to develop a plan that will result in a dynamic, accessible, coordinated, community-wide human service delivery system.

Creating Caring and Livable Communities - The Boulder County Human Services Strategic Plan Update
Building Caring and Livable Communities
The Implementation of the Boulder County  Human Services Strategic Plan
February, 2009
Big Impact
Many initiatives are underway as a result of our community planning effort.  The projects underway are happening because of the opportunity to make a big impact - either on the individual lives of our clients, or on the system of human services provision - by providing new tools, approaches and leveraging resources to direct our efforts in a countywide approach.

The success of the BCHSSP relies on its implementation, and its implementation relies on you.  The broad blueprint of the plan is purposeful.  Only expert service providers can continue the planning effort by diving deep into specific sector/service initiatives.  We encourage those of you who are interested in driving a specific strategic plan strategy to contact Robin Bohannan.  Current examples include homeless service provision, health access, food procurement/distribution, medical home, and electronic medical records.
Goal:  Improving Access to Health Care

CHP+/Medicaid Outreach: Boulder County Healthy Kids Initiative

Boulder County Healthy Kids initiative is a program to improve child health by linking all eligible children, families and pregnant women in Boulder County to available benefits and health coverage options. Our mission is that every child in Boulder County will have health coverage and access to health care.  Here are some of the highlights to date:
In the past few months, more than 350 children have received Medicaid or CHP+ after completing an application with the BCHK initiative (in addition to the large number of applications that have been submitted and are still being determined); more than 120 community partners have completed the Certified Application Assistance Training; St. Vrain Valley School District are training health clerks in every SVVSD school this month; enrollment events are planned monthly until June; and fliers were distributed through all BVSD elementary schools and all SVVSD elementary, middle and high schools.  For more information, contact Boulder County Healthy Kids at 303-441-1589.

Generate LogoGoal:  Promoting Economic Well-Being and Self-Sufficiency.
Generate a Community of Opportunity is the campaign promoting Boulder County's Poverty Initiative.   Several projects are underway:
Bridges Out of Poverty:  Over 400 community members have been trained on the Bridges Out of Poverty framework, 40 certified train-the-trainers, and several agencies will pilot Getting Ahead workshops for their clients this spring.  These initial agencies include Habitat for Humanity, Sister Carmen Community Center, YWCA, Workforce Boulder County, Family Self-Sufficiency.  Interested in learning more?  Contact Leisha Conners Bauer or Janet Heimer.
Green Jobs Pipeline Partnership:  The Green Jobs Pipeline will partner with private sector energy efficiency and renewable energy businesses, providing subsidized employment and on-the-job training with wrap-around services, Getting Ahead skills-building, and other supportive employment services.   Eighteen TANF clients are currently participating in subsidized, on-the-job training opportunities providing weatherization, and  renewable energy retrofits on existing Boulder County Housing Authority low-income housing units and additional job opportunities will come on line in the near future.   

Boulder County's ClimateSmart Loan Program will create a workforce demand for Green Jobs and the Green Jobs Pipeline Partnership will ensure that green jobs stay local and that low-income workers are not left out of the New Energy Economy.
Generate Phase One:  Housing Crisis Funds and m4all - a collaboration between Boulder County Housing Authority and the Boulder County Transportation Department - includes 4 months of assistance for those triggers that cause family instability (rent, medical bills) and a pilot program providing unlimited transit passes for tenants of BCHA.  Applications for the Housing Crisis Funds can be accessed at EFAA, OUR Center, Sister Carmen, and the Departments of Housing and Human Services.
Generate Phase Two:  Boulder County Department of Community Services is seeking additional funding to provide additional "pipelines" to sustainable wage jobs.  Offering Getting Ahead graduates supportive, subsidized employment at community-based organizations is another step in linking the human services continuum of care with employment/self-sufficiency services.

Mobility for All (m4a):  In September of 2008 Boulder County Transportation (BCT) in partnership with Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services started a new low-income families transportation initiative called "Mobility for All" ("m4a").  The agencies formed the collaborative to address social equity issues for transit-dependent people with low-income and to address the rising food prices and gas costs that have burdened more Boulder County residents with low-income in the past couple of years.  The "m4a" program is designed to address the increased drain transportation costs put on low-income families.  For more information about m4a, contact Tina Pihl.
Resource BookGoal:  Integrated & Coordinated Delivery of Human Services:
Community Assessment and Development:  Boulder County, the Cities of Longmont, Boulder, Lafayette, Foothills United Way, and The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County have partnered with OMNI Research, Inc. to implement a data driven planning process to support resource allocation and improved service delivery, responding to community priorities, emerging needs and to track client outcomes and social and health indicators.  A Boulder County portal of ASPIRE is being designed in partnership with the Civic Forum (a program of The Community Foundation) and OMNI is supporting the Boulder County Human Services Strategic Plan by determining a pathway by which agency client-level and program-level data can be reported and linked to broad community indicators that are impacted by the work of nonprofit human services and government programs.  Technical assistance, capacity building, and training will also be provided to community agencies as part and parcel of this project.  Stay tuned next month for an update on technical assistance and training opportunities, including the results of the TA survey that was sent to nonprofits last month.
Big Impact
Boulder County Healthy Kids Initiative
Bridges Out of Poverty
Green Jobs Pipeline Partnership

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